Our gelato is made by using selected raw ingredients and Finnish fresh milk and cream. Only fresh fruits/berries are used for the preparation of our sorbets.

Flavours usually available are:

Strawberry (from Finland), Lemon (I.G.P) from Sicily, Chocolate, Liquorice (Amarelli), Pistachio D.O.P. from Bronte, Hazelnut I.G.P. from Piedmont.


Small gelato: 3,50€ (1 flavour)
Medium gelato: 5,50€ (up to 2 flavours)
Large gelato: 6,90€ (up to 3 flavours)

Small take-away: 550ml – 11,00€ (up to 2 flavours)
Big take-away:
1100ml – 19,90€ (up to 3 flavours)